A women’s refuge

24 Hours a day A women’s refuge protects women and their children if they face or fear physical, emotional or sexual violence. You can reach us by phone day and night. You can come any day at any time Sundays and public holidays incl. Please contact the police to protect you if needs be. To leave is possible, when

- Your life has become unbearable because of your partner
- you live in an atmosphere of fear and violence
- your children are suffering

and you want to leave this situation. Where? You can contact the women’s refuge by phone: 05021 2424. You and your children will find refuge, advice and support regardless of your background, your religion and financial situation. It depends on your personal needs how long you stay. Please bring the following documents if possible:

1. important papers like passport (yours and your children’s)
2. marriage certificate
3. health insurance card
4. child benefit number
5. clothing schoolbooks and favourite toys of your children

05021 2424

05021 2424